State of the Industry Podcast

Ep 44 - Ian O’Dwyer Talks Games, Trains, and Philosophies (Part 1)

March 29, 2021

Welcome back to the State of the Industry Podcast. It is so great to be back from my short recording hiatus. My wife and I recently got a new puppy, so I have taken charge of puppy training and it has proven to be a full-time job. Anyone who has ever had a puppy before knows what I’m talking about.

But we’re back this week with a doozy of an episode. I have an old friend from the great land of Oz joining me for the next two weeks, Ian O’Dwyer. I met Ian when I was over at the FILEX conference in Sydney several years ago. It was evident from the start that he thought about movement in an unconventional way. He has a unique perspective on how the body moves and how different types of tissues interact during movement.

Ian is the director and founder of OD on Movement, a company with a passion for empowering clients to move and feel better. He is also a co-founder of SOMA (self-osteo myofascial application) along with his good friend and colleague, Rodney Corn. SOMA provides education to help trainers and health professionals around the world help clients move, feel, and live better by enhancing the quality and performance of all the body tissues. In his journey, he has delivered over 500 workshops at some of the top fitness facilities and conferences around the world.

During these next two episodes, Ian shares his thoughts on how to create better relationships with clients through empowerment, how to look at the human being and not just the human body when training, as well as how to utilize play in training to optimize outcomes.

Open your brain tank, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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